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I really enjoyed working on this infographic with the team at Compendium, our content marketing platform client. I worked with the team to create an infographic that highlights the data they gathered during social sharing activities. For the full guide, you can download it here:

Download B2B and B2C Social Sharing Guide

The team gathered data from over 200+ organizations sharing habits to put this infographic together. This includes best times, best click throughs, and content tips for best performance. It’s interesting to see what works best for social sharing…some things confirmed what I already knew, and some things, I found really surprising. What works best for your organization? While this is an average, I find that most organizations have their own best practices that work specifically for them. For example, some organizations really thrive when they post during the late hours of the night (like bars and nightlife related topics). However, based on this data, most organizations thrive when they post during work hours.

Either way, it’s important that you look at and track your social data to see what really works for you. Not all social sharing best practices are alike. It just depends on what your target audience is really looking for.

Social Sharing Infographic Findings

After completing the infographic, I really took the time to read the data, which presented some interesting findings:

– Including a question mark with a link negatively affects click throughs for both Twitter and LinkedIn.
– Using an exclamation mark increase click throughs for LinkedIn, but decreases click throughs for Twitter.
– Using a number in your Twitter messages increases click throughs by 50% for B2B.
-The best social sharing days for Twitter (both B2B and B2C) tends to be Wednesday.

What did you find interesting about these social sharing statistics? What do you already incorporate in your social sharing practices?


About Jenn

Jenn Lisak is the Vice President and Content Strategist for DK New Media, an inbound marketing agency that specializes in new media optimization, social media, infographics, and marketing strategy. She is responsible for content and infographic development, social media strategy, and managing and advocating for her clients. She writes and speaks on content marketing, infographics, and social media, and she was nominated for Junior Achievement's Best and Brightest Award for the Technology division in 2012 and 2013.

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