Connecting with the Brand: The PERQ Marketing Culture | Jenn Lisak

Posted by | November 20, 2013 | Internet Marketing, People, Personality, Random | 2 Comments
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Before I begin, for disclosure purposes, I should note that I do have a couple of friends in the marketing department at PERQ (shout out to Courtney, Muhammad, and Bryant). But I’ve always known that all three (and the rest of the department) are talented individuals, and a big round of applause is in order.

UberWhen I was a junior in college, I was part of an internship/living program at Butler that had us tour different companies around Indy once a week. One of the businesses we toured was CIK Enterprises, which, for the record, looks completely different than what it does now. I remember that the building was large and open, and I thought it was much nicer than the standard corporate American office. Despite the cubicles, it seemed like the culture supported open communication and was a little “alternative.” I liked it. I even considered applying there after college.

But given where I work now and years in between the initial CIK introduction, man, has it changed. Not just the name, but the BRAND. Yeesh.

I had the lucky opportunity to get a tour of the design overhaul in the PERQ building a couple of weeks ago, and I was already super impressed. This was even before their wall art, book shelves and street sign! The colors, the culture, the benefits – all of it – was completely different and “positive.” A big kudos for the design overhaul is definitely called for.

Then, I started to notice the marketing communications coming through for their launch party tonight (are you going? let’s chat!), and I was even more impressed. The attention to detail, the strategic partnerships, and the incentives alone set the stage for the marketing efforts to come. In order to get as many attendees as possible, they teamed up with Verge to co-market the event. Since parking would be an issue, they have an Uber deal (see above) that makes our lives easier. And they even have an incentive to write a blog post for a chance to win $500 (shush). Well done, team.


For more information on PERQ and their new product, FATWIN, check out our recent interviews on Edge of the Web Radio:

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Anywho, a big shout out to the fantastic marketing efforts in the past couple months, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. Cheers!

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