How Email Integrates Multi-Channel Marketing [Infographic]

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Multi-channel marketing is key to today’s fast-paced and multiple touch point world. One of the key marketing activities that enhances multi-channel marketing is email. Email marketing is a fantastic way to alert your prospects and clients of what kinds of content you’ve been producing. It’s also a great way to collect data in order to better profile your prospects.

This email marketing infographic delves into the ways you can use email to lead more people to your site and engage with your brand. Are you creating email marketing campaigns for your brand? If not, you definitely should be. It increases customer retention, it’s cost effective, and it keeps your brand top of mind.

Delivra & Multi-Channel Marketing

While I’m sad that they are no longer sponsors, I’m really happy to have had the chance to work with the email marketing team at Delivra for a year. I’m even happier to report that they didn’t leave because they weren’t happy with our work, but because they were producing so many leads on their own that our services were no longer needed. As much as I love working with my clients, I love hearing success stories even more.

Best of luck to our former email marketing sponsors, and keep enjoying their fantastic content on their email marketing blog.

Multi-Channel Marketing Infographic

Getting real in the new year

Getting Real in the New Year

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I recently had an event happen in my life that really made me take a real, deep, hard look at myself. Of course, I’m always trying to better myself, but sometimes, you need a pivotal event to happen for you to really put things into perspective. This was definitely one of those events.

We all make mistakes, and looking at the situation I was in, we could have all done things differently. But sometimes, we aren’t thinking clearly and we don’t use our better judgment. That leads us to do stupid, idiotic things. It also, most of the time, affects our relationships. For me, I hold the relationships in my life as top priority. I always need to work at it and spend more time with the people I care about, and there is a near and dear place in my heart for them. I just wish that I wasn’t such a workaholic and I would take a step away for a while. But that’s not what this is about.

Things were said, actions were taken, bad thing after bad thing kept happening, and here we are. Feelings of loss, guilt, shame, anger, sadness, etc. are all coming into play. At least for me. And in most of these situations, there generally isn’t a voice a reason. What’s worse with this is that there was a person of reason. The one person who had their head on straight, the one person who really had all of our best interests at heart, wasn’t listened to. It seriously hurts when I think about it. In my mind, this person is owed the biggest apology. And to that person, I am truly, completely, with all my heart, sorry.

But I also have to think about the people that I felt wronged me. Despite the anger and sadness that I felt, I did NOT do everything right and they deserve an apology from me as well. It just really sucks when you realize that you weren’t at your best. You were responsible for hurting someone else. You were responsible for causing the problem. You were responsible for this mess. It’s a hard thing to swallow.

But part of the mending process is forgiveness. Not only forgiving others, but forgiving yourself. So shit happens. You can’t change it, but you can try to mend it. You take the necessary actions to make it right, then you figure out how to move on. But it takes time. It doesn’t just happen. And the most important thing is that you can’t let stubbornness get in the way. Admit and accept when you’re wrong. You can’t control others’ actions, but you can control yours. Be a good person and do what you need to do, as hard as it may be.

And in the midst of all these bad things, there is good. I had a friend who was willing to stand by me every step of the way, despite the messy situation at hand. And I also learned about some of the things that I really need to work on. If I didn’t have this experience, then I would not be as acutely aware of them as I am now. If there’s anything I have learned about bad situations, it is that there is always some sort of blessing in disguise. Try to find it next time you’re faced with an unpleasant situation.

With that being said, I really want to try and be better with my relationships in the new year. I want to spend more time with a friend I only see once a month for dinner. I want to have girls night with my ladies on a more consistent basis. I want to take a step back and think about the things I say before I say them. I want to not let my personal issues affect my communication with the closest person in my life. I want to spend more time with family. And I want to mend the situation that I was directly involved in that resulted in a lot of hurt feelings and conflict.

So, New Year, let’s make it a good year. I don’t need resolutions to work on myself, but you know what they say, timing is everything.

Cheers and good luck,


How Proposal Management Software is Boosting Business [Infographic]

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It’s been really awesome working with such an exciting and fast-growing start up in town, TinderBox. They’re an online proposal management software company that provides businesses with the opportunity to create rich media sales proposal, with tracking in place that lets you know when a prospect views a proposal and what pages they visited. Based on the data they’ve gathered and research we’ve done, this sales infographic gives you a better picture of why their services are becoming necessary to your bottom line.

Did you know that 40% of people face challenges with the current sales contracting process?

Sales is tricky and finicky – fine tuning your process is important to increase conversions and revenue in the future. Creating a Microsoft Word document, saving it as a PDF, and sending it by email to a prospect won’t cut it anymore. Decision-makers are looking for interactive content, like videos and audio, within the sales proposal in order to make a decision. Why? Become we are an age of instant gratification. Having to click to go to a site  instead of visually seeing it in a proposal can turn off execs and even discourage them from reading your proposal further. While it’s frustrating, it can be true.

One of the major benefits of sales proposal management software is that you can track exactly how many times a decision-maker looked at the proposal, who looked at it within an organization, and what content they are focusing on. If you can gather those details, you can better improve your process in the future so that it can lead to a faster sales cycle. Wouldn’t that help everyone’s bottom lines?

Proposal Management Software

With the digital age, it’s important to stay on top of the trends. Proposal management software is definitely something your sales force should be using to increase close rates and use rich media to entice the senses. This sales proposal infographic delves into the problems with the current proposal process, as well as the benefits of using an online sales proposal software.

Are you currently using an online sales proposal software? If so, which one? If not, why not?

How Proposal Management Software is Boosting Business Infographic

Words I Live By [Part 2]

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As humans, we face a lot of negativity each and every day. I find that having personal sayings that you live by really help. Here are a couple of personal mantras, or “Words I Live By,” that I’ve come up with, and in case you’re interested, check out part 1 as well.

What are some of your personal mantras? Seriously – I want to know. Affirmations really help our psyche and it’s important that we have self-reassurance, as well as reassurance from others. This is about empowering – not promoting.

Words I Live By: Part 1

Words I Live By [Part 2]

Words I Live By

Resource: The Importance of a Click Whitepaper

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Importance of a Click WhitepaperI absolutely love working with the Delivra team because they are so knowledgeable in the email marketing field, as well as collaborative with us and the Marketing Tech Blog. Plus, I get to work with one of my fellow Butler marketing grads, Lavon Temple!

While I’m sad that they’re leaving us as sponsors, I’m so happy for their inbound marketing success. They found our sponsorship valuable, but what’s even better news is that they are generating so many inbound marketing leads on their own! It is really great to see an Indianapolis-based company succeeding in their field. I can’t wait to see where they’ll go in the future.

Importance of a Click Whitepaper

They just finished creating this awesome whitepaper about the importance of a click in email marketing. It’s short, concise, and great info. Did you know that CTR is statistically higher when the company’s name is included in the subject line than no company mention? And that “click here” gets a higher percentage of clicks over “submit” or “go”? Getting those click throughs are imperative to getting closer to a sale. Furthermore, email marketing is a great way to increase click throughs, and therefore, getting closer to a conversion. If you’re not using email marketing in your marketing efforts, you should really think about doing it. It’s helped us a ton with the Marketing Tech Blog.

Check out this awesome whitepaper for more info on how to improve your click through rate. And feel free to reach out to the team if you have any questions – they’re really helpful!

Download the Importance of a Click Whitepaper
How to Create An Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign Whitepaper

How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign [Whitepaper]

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Really proud of the DK New Media team for putting this awesome whitepaper together. Are you struggling with putting together an effective inbound marketing campaign? Well, this whitepaper should really help you out.

Effective Inbound Marketing

In this whitepaper, you will learn the following:

How to Create an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign– How to start making effective, lovable campaigns.
– How to develop a stellar marketing offer.
– How to recruit a team of content creators and repurpose content.
– Where and how to place an offer on your website.
– How to make effective landing pages.
– How to develop workflows.
– How to market to your existing contacts.
– How to promote your offer through blogging and social media.
– How to measure every element of your campaign.

Curious – what are the problems with your marketing efforts? What would you like to see change in the future? Keep in mind that inbound marketing is not just about click throughs – it’s about creating quality conversions so that they might lead to quality leads. The common misconception is that higher click throughs mean better results. Let’s think about it for a minute. If you have tons of click throughs, but don’t gather in contact information, is that really valuable to your organization? Probably not. Inbound marketing is about creating relationships. We have to nurture those leads for them to turn into valuable assets.

This gives a great idea of how to start and implement an effective inbound marketing campaign to lead to conversions. Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions.
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