DK New Media’s Jenn Lisak Receives TechPoint Tech 25 Award

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INDIANAPOLIS – (April 14, 2015) – DK New Media is proud to announce that Vice President and Content Strategist Jenn Lisak has been selected to join the inaugural class of TechPoint’s Tech 25, a prestigious designation for 25 individuals who are critical to building organizations in the state’s tech community.

Ranging from tech builders to creators, members of this select group are considered star performers and committed team players who build others up through mentoring, teaching and positive example. Lisak, a driving force within DK New Media and the local tech landscape, exemplifies these traits. She will be recognized for this achievement at the 16th annual Mira Awards on May 2 and featured on prior to the awards ceremony.

“Our state has an amazing talent pool of innovative marketers and developers who are taking the Indiana tech sector in new and exciting directions,” said Lisak. “To be considered among this group of thinkers and doers is both flattering and an honor. I look forward to continuing to serve many of our state’s established and most promising tech companies alike as we collectively work to advance the local tech economy.”

Lisak is a recently-appointed partner at DK New Media, an inbound marketing agency that specializes in new media optimization, social media, infographics and marketing strategy. Her responsibilities include content and infographic development, social media strategy, and managing and advocating for her clients. Additionally, she writes and speaks on content marketing, infographics, social psychology and social media.

In her personal time, Lisak also lends her time and talents to several Indianapolis organizations, including the Indiana State Museum 1816 Associate Board, Plan 2020, Indy Hub’s 1828 Project and Indianapolis’ Women & Hi Tech. A two-time Indy’s Best and Brightest nominee in 2012 and 2013, Lisak is a proud graduate of Butler University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in marketing in 2010.

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About DK New Media
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How to Start a Personal Blog

How to Start a Personal Blog

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I was just asked by a client what types of considerations they should take into account when starting a personal blog, and I realized that it would make a great blog post for aspiring bloggers!

I think it’s a great idea to start a personal blog. It’s a place for you to share your thoughts and experiences in our your own voice, aside from the brand that you might work for or any other publications you might write for. Plus, it’s fun!

So, you want to start a blog? What’s first?

1. Decide on a topic or theme.

How to Start a Personal BlogIt’s your blog, but people are drawn to blogs that have a certain theme or niche. It could be anything from something you do for your career to a hobby that you’re very passionate about. Either way, make sure to make that theme clear and promote it as such.

2. Buy a domain name. 

Depending on the topic or the purpose of the blog, the domain name should be thought out carefully. It shouldn’t be too long, and it should be relevant to the topic at hand. You can use a catchy phrase, or you can use your own name. Up to you!

5 Best Domain Name Registrars

3. Pick a Content Management System (CMS).

I might be a bit biased here, but I will always recommend WordPress. It’s easily optimizable, there is a huge development and support community, multiple add-ons and much more. There are two types of WordPress sites:, which is fully hosted by WordPress, then, which is a self-hosted version. Check out this post for the main differences:

Differences Between and

Between the two, I definitely recommend a site, but, unfortunately, if you don’t know what you’re doing (like me!), you’ll need help from a developer to get your site staged and set up. For cost effective option, I’d recommend having a developer friend do it for you or post your job on Elance.*

However, there are a couple other options for easy to setup personal blogging sites, including:

*For some tips on how to use Elance, check out the second section of this infographic tips post


If you do decide to go the route, you’ll want to think about hosting. For all of our clients, we use WPEngine, which has 24 hour support and backups. But, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, here’s a great post from Lifehacker:

5 Best Personal Web Hosts

Site Theme

With a site, half the fun is being able to pick your website theme! One of the greatest places to find WordPress themes is Themeforest, a repository a themes for all types of sites.

When picking a theme, keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure that you pick a theme that will be supported by your CMS platform. A WordPress theme won’t be supported on a Tumblr blog.
  • To avoid the headache of optimizing for mobile, tablet and desktop, select a responsive theme that will adjust for all three.

So, there you have it! Have you ever wanted to start a personal blog, but haven’t?

Connecting with the Brand: The PERQ Marketing Culture

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Before I begin, for disclosure purposes, I should note that I do have a couple of friends in the marketing department at PERQ (shout out to Courtney, Muhammad, and Bryant). But I’ve always known that all three (and the rest of the department) are talented individuals, and a big round of applause is in order.

UberWhen I was a junior in college, I was part of an internship/living program at Butler that had us tour different companies around Indy once a week. One of the businesses we toured was CIK Enterprises, which, for the record, looks completely different than what it does now. I remember that the building was large and open, and I thought it was much nicer than the standard corporate American office. Despite the cubicles, it seemed like the culture supported open communication and was a little “alternative.” I liked it. I even considered applying there after college.

But given where I work now and years in between the initial CIK introduction, man, has it changed. Not just the name, but the BRAND. Yeesh.

I had the lucky opportunity to get a tour of the design overhaul in the PERQ building a couple of weeks ago, and I was already super impressed. This was even before their wall art, book shelves and street sign! The colors, the culture, the benefits – all of it – was completely different and “positive.” A big kudos for the design overhaul is definitely called for.

Then, I started to notice the marketing communications coming through for their launch party tonight (are you going? let’s chat!), and I was even more impressed. The attention to detail, the strategic partnerships, and the incentives alone set the stage for the marketing efforts to come. In order to get as many attendees as possible, they teamed up with Verge to co-market the event. Since parking would be an issue, they have an Uber deal (see above) that makes our lives easier. And they even have an incentive to write a blog post for a chance to win $500 (shush). Well done, team.


For more information on PERQ and their new product, FATWIN, check out our recent interviews on Edge of the Web Radio:

PERQ Marketing Interview: Part 1 PERQ Marketing Interview: Part 2

Anywho, a big shout out to the fantastic marketing efforts in the past couple months, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. Cheers!

Content Calendar Workshop

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One of the biggest problems my clients have is time when it comes to content production. We’ve found that it’s best if you have a planned strategy to get things done. That’s why we’ve developed the Content Calendar Workshop.

Tomorrow, I’m giving a presentation on Content Calendar Workshop: Tips, Tools, and Timesavers. The presentation is embedded below.

If you’d like a free content calendar template, please click below to download the Excel file.

  Download the Content Calendar Template


The 25 Elements of Successful Infographics

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Infographics have become a commonplace inbound marketing activity in today’s digital age. But, that doesn’t mean all of them are successful. Over the past two years, our team at DK New Media has worked on about 50 infographic projects. Through a process of trial and error, I’ve developed an infographic strategy plan that generates traffic and conversions for my clients. For something, like an infographic, that takes a lot of time, it’s important that we see results.

I’ve created a list of the 25 elements of successful infographics, categorizing the different elements into content, SEO, and social promotion. Generally, infographic production takes about 4-6 weeks with our clients, and it can be a grueling process with approval and design direction. But when we use this checklist for creating them, it tends to make all of our lives easier!

The 25 Elements of Successful Infographics

I’d love to know more about other peoples’ experiences regarding infographic production:

  • Have you created an infographic for your company?
  • Did you outsource the work or keep it internal?
  • What was your biggest frustration?
  • How long did it take you?

The infographic below details the 25 elements that we’ve identified to make an infographic successful. Are there any that you would add to the list?

For more information on this, please feel free to check out my presentation on the 25 Elements of Successful Infographics on Slideshare.

25 Elements of Successful Infographics Presentation

The 25 Elements of Successful Infographics

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Automation [Infographic]

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Marketing automation is a very popular tool in my industry, but I had never heard of mobile marketing automation (MMA) before I met our client, Fatstax, an iPad sales app that helps integrate marketing and sales content all in one place. While marketing automation tools help manage contacts, conversions, campaigns, etc., mobile marketing automation is a content goldmine. Think about having all of your presentations, whitepapers, infographics, articles, videos, etc. all in one place and being able to access and share them at any time. During any conversation.

MMA allows you to have a repository of all your content that can be easily emailed to a prospect or client within seconds. Think about providing value from a time perspective!

This infographic delves into the problems that mobile marketing automation solves, as well as the stats to back up why you should be using it in your organization. And big enterprises are paying attention.

Have you heard of a tool like this before? Would you ever use something like this in your organization?

Mobile Marketing Automation Infographic

Looking for someone to speak on content marketing or infographics for your next event? Book Jenn